St Maarten weather forecast

Let’s talk about the weather on St Maarten. Well, if it isn’t a hurricane approaching, you will have not much for a small talk. Basically the weather doesn’t really chance over the year, as you can see in this St Maarten weather table (link).

The hottest month is august with temperatures between 78°F and 87°F opposing to the coldest month february with 72°F to 82°F. Now that’s quite a heap eh? But don’t underestimate that numbers, it can get quite chilly in the early morning. Being an island, the weather on St Maarten is very comfortable. The wind from the sea makes the temperature more likeable.

Autumn is the rain season in the caribbean, so if you plan your trip, avoid these months.

However, the caribbean is an all year destination. The main season is about from mid-December to mid-April, which is of course the driest time of year on the island and the most miserable time of year in the U.S. and in Canada.

In the off season you can get good deals for a hotel room and the beaches are far more less crowded. But be warned. Some restaurants close, hotels offer fewer facilities and may even use the off season for construction.


Discovering St Maarten via a cruise ship

The first impression of St Maarten when reaching the pier is the new cruise arrival area with a lot of duty free shops. From there you can get a water taxi to Philipsburg. Welcome to St Maarten

Or simply take a walk along the shore, which lasts about ten minutes, till you reach the Philipsburg boardwalk. At the boardwalk you will find a lot of litte bars, some of which offer a free wifi connection, so you can write a quick e-mail home while enjoing a beer or iced drink at the beach. You can also rent an umbrella at the beach at some of the bars. They charge about 20$ for the umbrella and you get 4 iced drinks together with that deal.Philipsburg Beach

Behind the boardwalk you will find St Maarten’s Front and Back Street. These are the main shopping streets with a lot of shops for electronics, tobacco and clothes. And don’t forget the local Guavaberry Rum.

Back Street

By the way, St Maarten weather is best in the months from october till march. So be sure to plan your trip during that period.

If you want to discouver the remote areas of the friendly island, you could take a taxi direct at the cruise terminal, but if you want to safe some money, it is wiser to seek out a taxi in Philipsburg. From there you could get to Maho Beach with the world famous landing strip of the Princess Juliana Int. Airport. It’s really fun to watch the tourists getting blown off the beach by the turbines of starting planes. If you get there, be sure to visit the Sunset Beach Bar, one of the best beach bars in the world. Hint: Topless women get their drinks for free.

You could also visit the northern french part of the island. It’s the caribbean version of Cannes ore Nice. It’s a very nice area of St Maarten, if you ask me.